Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Welcome. Our website is a trusted guidebook for math unit conversions. Here, we share our commitment and steps taken to ensure your data's safety.

Core Objective

Two main goals drive us. First, to offer a reliable math guidebook for users. Second, to create a space online where your privacy isn't just a word but a promise.

Our Approach to Data

  • Direct User data: Our platform is built on the foundation of respect. We don't automatically store personal data or cookies. However, if users choose to share, we handle it with care.

  • Google Ads and Third-Party data: To keep our services free, we have integrated Google Ads. It's vital to know that Google has its methods for data collection. Mainly, cookies are used to enhance the relevance of ads you see. For an in-depth view, do visit Google's Privacy Policy.

Clarity on Data Utilization

  • User Experience is Priority: By limiting unnecessary data collection.

  • Advertisement Personalization: Interaction through Google aims to refine the ads you view. Google's analysis ensures ads align with user interests.


Third-party collaborations, especially Google Ads, play a role in our site's functionality. It is important to emphasize that we do not have direct access to their collated data. It's always good practice to be aware of third-party data handling.

Power in Your Hands

  • Control Over data: Google extends options to users regarding personalized ads. If opting out is your choice, Google settings are the place.

  • Open Channels for Communication: Your voice is essential. For any data-related concerns or general feedback, our Contact Us portal awaits.

Adaptive Policies

The online landscape is evolving. As it changes, our Privacy Policy might require adjustments. We encourage periodic revisits to stay updated.

Security is Non-Negotiable

Our commitment is broad. Beyond data considerations, we employ stringent digital security measures. Rest assured, interactions on our site are safeguarded.

In Closing

Trust is a two-way street. We're dedicated to nurturing this trust. Engaging with our services signifies a pact – your privacy is untouchable here.