Decimals to Fractions, page 1

What is a decimal?

A decimal is a way to express numbers less than one, or values between whole numbers, using a decimal point. The digits following the point represent parts of a whole in tenths, hundredths, etc.

What is a fraction?

A fraction represents a part of a whole and consists of two numbers: a numerator (the top number) and a denominator (the bottom number). It signifies how many parts of an entire thing we have.

What is 0.375 as a fraction?

From the decimal world, 0.375 finds its identity as a fraction.

What is 0.625 as a fraction?

The systematic change of 0.625 from being a decimal to a fraction.

What is 0.875 as a fraction?

In the math, 0.875 easy translates from decimal to fraction.

What is 1.5 as a fraction?

1.5's mathematical journey: moving the decimal to fraction form.

What is 0.25 as a fraction?

How does 0.25 fare when converted from decimal to its fractional self?

What is 0.5 as a fraction?

A mathematical approach to converting 0.5 into its fractional state.

What is 0.75 as a fraction?

Decoding 0.75: a structured transition from the decimals to fractions.

What is 2.5 as a fraction?

To convert 2.5, focus on its decimal parts. The result? Its fraction.

What is 0.125 as a fraction?

Deciphering 0.125: steps to translate it from decimal to fraction.

What is 0.2 as a fraction?

Explore the conversion of 0.2 from its decimal form to fraction.

What is 0.4 as a fraction?

The precise art of converting 0.4 from a decimal to its fraction.

What is 0.6 as a fraction?

From 0.6's decimal state: A stepwise conversion to its fractional form.

What is 0.8 as a fraction?

Simplifying 0.8: understanding its conversion from decimal to fraction.

What is 1.25 as a fraction?

Dive into the conversion of 1.25 from its decimal form to fraction.

What is 0.3 as a fraction?

Math made easy: understanding 0.3's evolution into a fraction.

What is 1.2 as a fraction?

The methodology behind turning the decimal 1.2 into a fraction.

What is 1.6 as a fraction?

Mapping 1.6's conversion: Progression from decimal to fraction.

What is 2.25 as a fraction?

Decimals to fractions: a closer look at the conversion of 2.25.

What is 3.5 as a fraction?

The math behind 3.5's transition from a decimal format to fraction.

What is 4.5 as a fraction?

Delve into 4.5: Its calculated change from a known decimal to fraction.

What is 0.1 as a fraction?

Comprehensive conversion: moving 0.1 from its decimal origin to fraction.

What is 1.3 as a fraction?

A concise look at 1.3's transformation into its fractional form.

What is 1.75 as a fraction?

Guided steps to morph 1.75 from its known decimal to fraction.

What is 0.1875 as a fraction?

Converting 0.1875: revealing its precise fractional counterpart in mathematics.