Fractions to Decimals, page 55

What is a fraction?

A fraction shows a part of a whole. It has two numbers. A numerator (top number) and a denominator (bottom number). The numerator tells us how many parts we have. The denominator tells us how many parts make up a whole.

What is a decimal?

A decimal is a way to write numbers less than one or between whole numbers using a decimal point. The digits after the point show parts of a whole in tenths, hundredths, etc.

What is 47/100 as a decimal?

Convert 47/100 to its decimal form with a simple division.

What is 5/1000 as a decimal?

Turn 5/1000 into a decimal with basic division.

What is 5 3/5 as a decimal?

With 5 3/5, multiply first, add next, and divide to get the decimal.

What is 5/1 as a decimal?

Every fraction, like 5/1, has a decimal form. Just divide.

What is 5/36 as a decimal?

Convert 5/36 to a decimal by dividing it.

What is 5/40 as a decimal?

Get 5/40 as a decimal by dividing.

What is 6/32 as a decimal?

Change 6/32 to a decimal form by dividing it.

What is 7 1/10 as a decimal?

To convert 7 1/10 to a decimal, multiply, add, and then divide.

What is 7 3/5 as a decimal?

For 7 3/5, multiply, add, and then divide for the decimal.

What is 7 4/5 as a decimal?

Convert 7 4/5 to a decimal. Multiply, add, and then divide.

What is 8/50 as a decimal?

Find the decimal value of 8/50 with simple division.

What is 8/13 as a decimal?

Find the decimal value of 8/13 by dividing it.